Develop an e-learning platform using Joomla


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Traditional teaching modules have led to the use of new technology as an educational tool, and e-learning platforms are becoming ever more popular across nearly all academic fields. Nevertheless, creating a website where both tutors and students can use the infrastructure requires a robust content manager. JoomlaLMS is a commercial module for the well-known Joomla CMS with which you can develop a page of this type.

JoomlaLMS offers a huge range of options for customizing the backend control of your learning platform, and is covered by SCORM, a set of internationally agreed-upon technical standards that ensure proper accessibility and flexibility. Because of this, it's used in a myriad of e-learning platforms thanks to its support for Joomla, itself a fully customizable content manager.

This tool lets you create different user profiles depending on role: teacher, tutor, student, or administrator. You can create all kinds of learning services depending on the course in question, like forums, support threads, virtual spaces where you can share documents, a customer service chat, thematic segmented blocks, online quizzes and tests, etc.

JoomlaLMS works with PHP 5.3, Joomla! 1.5 or higher (3.x recommended) and ionCube Loader 4.4.


The trial version is limited to 30 days and 30 registered users.

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